We believe in slow-fermented bread. That’s how bread was made for thousands of years before industrialized food came along. We don’t use mixes, additives, or preservatives. Our three-day recipe starts with the best ingredients and our multi-stage fermentation process develops flavors and makes it easier for your body to digest the bread. And, have you heard? Fairfield Bread tastes great. Our breads taste the way bread’s supposed to taste. Full of flavor and textures. Under the watchful eyes and skilled hands of our bakers, we develop the optimal flavors and structure in the dough to produce an exceptional loaf of bread.

Take a look at our ingredients. Pretty simple. King Arthur flour, stone-ground whole grains, water, salt, yeast. And that’s where our head baker Michael comes in.

The Head Baker

Welcome to FBC’s website. I spent two years developing FBC’s award-winning Flaxette, featuring organic ground flax, whole wheat flour and wild yeast. I’ve worked as a personal chef and caterer, and as an international trade consultant for 10 years after graduating from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Bread seems simple – it has just four basic ingredients – but making it is a craft and an art. My oma (that’s grandmother in German) taught me the most important step that starts each loaf of Fairfield Bread Company’s breads: slow fermentation


“The smell of good bread baking… evokes innocence and delight…” MFK Fischer